The Carpenter Santa


The story of Christ’s birth has always filled people with hope and inspiration. People all over the world want a shelter, a place to stay, a home. It is only fitting, then, that the Carpenter Santa is bringing a truly special gift to build a Christmas village where terminally ill children can visit to celebrate with joy and hope.  His sack if filled with a tool box, a teddy bear in a hard hat and toys for the children. He carries blue prints for the Christmas village and rings the bell to welcome all to come and help him build this important space where children who are ill can find joy, laughter and the true spirit of Christmas.

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The Carpenter Santa  is an 11" tall Santa that Pipka created specifically to bring awareness to a non-profit organization in Iowa that was raising money to build a Christmas Village for terminally ill children. It was a successful venture that brought out the giving spirit in people from all over the country and included a huge donation from Prism, the company that manufactured the Pipka Santas. He is one of Pipka's favorite Santas. The Carpenter Santa is a limited edition Santa, numbered 213/3600.


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