The Fox Mug With Birds


You’ll love this hand thrown mug created by potter and artist, Liz Butler. Inspired by the animals and birds that surround her country property, Liz carves three dimensional figures into her mugs. She is especially fond of the fox. Here the fox sits huddled in his den beneath a large tree. A  harvest moon sits in a sky filled with stars. There is a surprise on the back of this mug. Liz has planted two little birds sitting in a tree. This speaks to Liz’s attention to detail and story-telling in her designs. This one-of-a-kind mug is sure to become your favorite as you sip coffee or tea and think of the animals and birds that inhabit our earth.

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The Fox Mug With Birds is 5" tall. It has a three dimensional design all around the mug, making it a special one-of-a-kind piece from potter, Liz Butler. There is a warm glaze on the mug and a pretty border design on the inside lip. A big comfortable handle makes this the mug easy to hold in your hand while sipping hot tea or coffee.


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