Ukrainian Santa Limited Edition Figurine


Ukrainian is a country steeped deep in tradition, reflected in their Christmas celebrations. Ukrainian peasants, women and men, wear elaborate folk costumes embellished with applique, embroidery, ribbons and braiding. These colorful folk art patterns have transitioned into the people’s modern day life. The Ukrainian Santa wears a beautiful warm coat appliqued with hearts and stars. As. He peeks into churches filled with people on Christmas Eve, he sees the Vertep, “cave” in ancient Greek, a Ukrainian nativity scene. Christmas Eve is the Sviaty Vechir – Holy Evening. Families cook and bake at least 12 different dishes for the Christmas meal, including Kutia, a favorite pastry made with cooked wheat, honey, poppy seeds, raisin and nuts. It is a time of family gathering and tradition, celebrating the peace and love of Christmas time.

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Limited edition collection. He is 11' tall, is #607/3600 and comes with the original box. Signed by Pipka


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