Yes Virginia


Long ago, a little girl named Virginia, wrote the editor of the Sun Times, asking “is there REALLY was a Santa Claus”. The letter touched the heart of the editor and he replied to the little girl in an editorial explaining that “Yes, Virginia, there IS a real Santa Claus.” This true story is part of our America history and inspired Pipka to design this beautiful Yes Virginia Santa. Virginia, in the foreground is writing her letter, several copies lay crumpled on the floor, while Santa is contemplating the question and, unknown to Virginia, standing right behind her, as big as life itself. Yes, Virginia, and all of you who have that very question in your hearts, there REALLY, REALLY is a Santa Claus!

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Yes Virginia is one of the few Pipka designs that is an iconic representation of an American Santa. Pipka is famous as an artist who designs old world Santas that represent the rituals and customs of countries all over the world. But true store behind Yes Virginia captured her imagination as an iconic American Christmas story and Yes Virginia joined the limited edition Pipka Memories of Christmas collection.



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