Aussie Santa and Boomer

$350.00 $250.00

Year Made: 1996

Sculpted by: GAYLORD HO

Height: 11″

Limited Edition Number: 738/3600

Pipka traveled to Australia teaching art around the country. She petted soft big eyed kangaroos, hugged furry sleepy koala bears and fed seeds to a whole flock of white winged cockatoos in her hostess’s back yard.She was so inspired by her trip that she designed the Aussie Santa when she returned home. Pipka feels she could never have created such an authentic piece had she not been in that country. Santa and his mates are bringing toys to all the boys and girls of Australia.

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Christmas in Australia includes beach parties with friends & family and Christmas dinner cooked on the barbi because the country “down under” is south of the equator with its seasons opposite of ours. Christmas means summer vacation in Australia! The Aussie Santa is accompanied by a native koala bear ana a cockatoo perched upon his shoulder. Santa wears a traditional wide-brimmed leather outback hat and lets his kangaroo friend, Boomer, wear his usual cap.



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