Pipka’s Almond Cake Pan


Only a pan of this quality will do. Pipka imports it from Germany due¬†to the manufacturer’s high standards. PFOA free for your health; baking traditions begin here.


Love to eat Pipka’s Almond Cake? Now you can bake your very own!

Famous recipe included!

This pan was originally used to make an Austrian delicacy of delicious chocolate log cake with crosswise ribbing, richly iced, and studded with almonds. A flat backbone runs the length of this pan to balance it, and the ribbing of the pan makes it easy to divide the cake into uniform slices. The classic Rehrucken cake, made with ground almonds instead of flour, is so rich that the portions should be small. You can use the pan for baking other cakes too, or for bread. This pan is 11.5 inches in length. Made in Germany. 11.5′ Nonstick loaf cake pan – made in Germany


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