Pipka’s Almond Cakelet Recipe Book

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The art of cooking meets mixed-media fine art. In this handmade book, Pipka assembles vintage photos and drawings, inspirational sayings – even a letter you pull from an envelope – to complement her Almond Cake recipe and 40 of its favorite variations. Shhhhhh … open to find her Turtle Sundae Almond Cake recipe!


Pipka has been baking her grandmother’€™s Almond Cake for her family for years. A few years ago she decided to bake the cake for her customers to taste while they were shopping. Everyone went crazy for this cake! At the customer’€™s request, Pipka imported from Germany the special cake pan used to bake this moist delicious cake. Now people all over the country are baking, giving and savoring this incredible easy-to-make almond cake.Pipka bakes over 300 cakes during the Door County season, just for tasting! She loves to bake and finds it relaxing after a day’€™s work. Never content to do something the same over and over again, Pipka started added other ingredients to her cakes. Chopped dried apricots, blueberries, chocolate chips and other yummy morsels started making their way into the cakes, much to everyone’€™s delight. Again, at the customer’s request, Pipka wrote a little Cakelet cookbook of recipes for enhancing the basic recipe. She hand makes each Cakelet book, adding photos, stickers, and ephemera through the pages. To date she has sold over 1200 hand made Cakelet books.There are over 40 recipes in the Almond Cake Cakelet book, including various sauces and ideas for gift-giving. Turtle Sundae Almond Cake, Deanne’s Nutella Bella Almond Cake and, everybody’€™s favorite, Door County Cherry Chocolate Almond Cake are just a few of the recipes in the Cakelet book that everyone loves. One Recipe, one bowl, 38 minutes in the oven, then eat or freeze up to 6 months.A perfect cake for giving and sharing with those whom you love.

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1 review for Pipka’s Almond Cakelet Recipe Book

  1. sue

    Absolutely delicious!! I was visiting Door County, stopped into store, had one bite of the almond cake and found cookbook and baking tray in hand to purchase. Overtime I serve it I receive raving reviews!!! My ancestry DNA reveals heavy Scandinavian heritage so of course I love it!!

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